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Thursday, June 01, 2006

Leg Cramps Whe Wearing Flippers

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Getting leg cramps in this type of situation is interesting . . . in fact it’s happened to me in very similar circumstances – bodysurfing.

I tend to get leg cramps (mainly in the hamstrings) and calf cramps when I go body surfing with fins.

I spoke to a massage therapist friend of mine and his theory was this, “you get the cramps because your les are at an usual angle, they aren’t fully contracted or relaxed or going through a full range of motion and you have flippers on that are actually creating leverage and making the problem worse”.

His suggestion was to make small incision up either side of the flipper inside the outside ‘rail’ to make it more flexible.

What I’ve found works is to ‘train to the task’ more often. I found that I always got these leg cramps if I went bodysurfing after a long period. As soon as my legs got ore used to the motion, then the cramps stopped.

Training is such an important part of cramp prevention and in the Ultimate Cramp Busting Guide I’ve written several sections on how to train to prevent cramps.


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