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Running cramps, particularly running calf cramps, afflict everyone from the person going out for a morning jog, to elite athletes. And it's not just runners that get cramps they can be a factor in any sport - tennis, swimming, golf, cycling and triathlon. This site is dedicated to sharing ideas and information between sports people, athletes, health practitioners, anyone who enjoys training - for the best ways to prevent, avoid and treat muscle cramp.

Monday, June 05, 2006

Leg Camps and Hydration

With the French Open tennis being played in high temperatures, it's not surprising that even elite athletes suffer leg cramps during - particularly during long matches.

As some games move into their third and even fourth hour a number of things start happening that lead to cramping.

Hydration and energy reserves along with muscle fatigue are the main issues.

In The Ultimate Cramp Busting Guide we give you an energy, hydration and training plan that will gve any sports person an egde in their ext match.

When some matches go into overtime, it seems that the person who is most focused, has more energy and less in the way of injury will win - skill doesn't seem to be as big a factor.

Give yourself the advantage, read the information and the strategies we give you for aximising your energy reserves and preventing cramps and I guarantee you will benefit.


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