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Monday, June 05, 2006

When Heat Cramps Get Life Threatening

When Heat Cramps Get Life Threatening

This article raises an important point in relation to heat cramp and hydration.

When the body stops sweating in extreme heat, it basically means that it’s lost it’s ability to regulate temperature.

If this situation isn’t treated, fast, then the next stage is heat stroke – and this is a life-threatening condition that has killed many people, both professional and amateur.

If you’re training in extreme heat, by the time you feel thirsty your body is already in an advanced stat of dehydration.

One of the next warning signs will be muscle fatigue, cramp and even headaches. It’s at this point you need to stop and replace the fluids and energy reserves rapidly.

A sports drink with about 4% carbohydrate is best – in the The Ultimate Cramp Busting Guide we explain in great detail how sports drinks work, what the best ones are and how to distinguish one sports drink from another.

We also give you a comprehensive hydration plan that applies equally well to anyone doing sport just planning to enjoy a great day outdoors.


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