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Running cramps, particularly running calf cramps, afflict everyone from the person going out for a morning jog, to elite athletes. And it's not just runners that get cramps they can be a factor in any sport - tennis, swimming, golf, cycling and triathlon. This site is dedicated to sharing ideas and information between sports people, athletes, health practitioners, anyone who enjoys training - for the best ways to prevent, avoid and treat muscle cramp.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Boston Marathon: A stiff challenge - Sports: Boston Marathon: A stiff challenge

You really have to admire the tenacity of people like Mike Lopez for running/walking 10 miles of a marathon with painful leg cramps in four places.

In The Ultimate Cramp Busting Guide we included a large chapter on energy.

In this example it's clear that pushing yourself too early, along with inadequate energy stores, turned what woul have been a good time into a gritty ordeal.


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