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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Data finds players pressed to limit with new rules

Data finds players pressed to limit | The Courier-Mail

This is probably one of the most interesting articles we've read on professional sport because it incorporates actual on-the-field data - just like the information that a racing car's team get from a race car.

Australian Rules is a sport that's not played widely around the world - in fact it's mainly confined to Australia and Ireland.

In previous years, when fitness tests have been conducted between the different codes of football: rugby league, rugby union, football and 'Aussie' Rules - the Aussie Rules players always seem to measure up better in terms of aerobic fitness.

In this latest study it was revealed that players are running between 15 - 20 km per game - which is played over 2 hours - at close to their maximum speed.

Coaches began analysing their players because they started showing signs of severe fatigue and cramping as a result of a rule change which had larger defenders running more.

The information on running distance is now being used by coaches to modify their training techniques - including giving players more rest.

In The Ultimate Cramp Busting Guide we include a chapter on training and specifically advise to train-to-task and simulate actual conditions as much as possible. The balance is in making sure you get enough rest as well as the appropriate training.


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