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Running cramps, particularly running calf cramps, afflict everyone from the person going out for a morning jog, to elite athletes. And it's not just runners that get cramps they can be a factor in any sport - tennis, swimming, golf, cycling and triathlon. This site is dedicated to sharing ideas and information between sports people, athletes, health practitioners, anyone who enjoys training - for the best ways to prevent, avoid and treat muscle cramp.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Running Cramps and heat exhaustion

Sometimes leg cramps and running cramps can be a sign that you've been doing a little too much, haven't taken in enough fluid, run out of energy or a combination of a number of these factors.

The important thing to know is that while the leg cramps may be painful, if you've been overdoing it in the elements, then they may help you.

Put simply, when you get running cramps, the body is telling you to slow down, rehydrate and get more energy to the muscle cells.

One common problem with exercising in hot weather is heat exhaustion.Symptoms include heavy sweating, muscle cramps, weakness, dizziness, nausea, a weak but rapid pulse and headaches.

And if heat exhaustion is not treated quickly heat stroke can follow, causing extremely high body temperature, red and dry skin, rapid pulse, confusion, brain damage, loss of consciousness and death.


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