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Running cramps, particularly running calf cramps, afflict everyone from the person going out for a morning jog, to elite athletes. And it's not just runners that get cramps they can be a factor in any sport - tennis, swimming, golf, cycling and triathlon. This site is dedicated to sharing ideas and information between sports people, athletes, health practitioners, anyone who enjoys training - for the best ways to prevent, avoid and treat muscle cramp.

Friday, November 24, 2006

Yoga, Pilates Help Prevent Running Cramps and Leg Cramps

Well, our secret is out - you can prevent running cramps and leg cramps by doing flexibility exercises such as yoga and pilates.

As the players and coach of the Rockford Soccer team testify, a regular program of yoga helps prevent muscle cramps - click here for the article.

Many sportspeople don't spend enough time doing stretches before and after a game and most do not include flexibility exercises such as yoga into the training routine.

Our experience is that yoga will help you prevent running cramps and leg cramps and should be part of your regular training program.

We have included a 5 minute flexibility program as well as a stretching routine in the Ultimate Cramp Busting Guide that we guarantee will work if you make it part of your regular routine.


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