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Running cramps, particularly running calf cramps, afflict everyone from the person going out for a morning jog, to elite athletes. And it's not just runners that get cramps they can be a factor in any sport - tennis, swimming, golf, cycling and triathlon. This site is dedicated to sharing ideas and information between sports people, athletes, health practitioners, anyone who enjoys training - for the best ways to prevent, avoid and treat muscle cramp.

Friday, February 08, 2008

Running Cramp Relief & Help with Foot Cramps

Leg cramps and running cramps usually involve the muscles of the calf and occasionally the hamstrings and quadriceps.

Usually these last 2 are fatigue or injury related and can be easily treated by:
* Prevention - avoiding over-exerting yourself
* Careful recovery from a previous injury
* Maintaining good hydration and mineral and sugar levels in the body and muscles
* A good stretch after the exercise will work wonders.

Running cramps, calf leg cramps and foot cramps may require a broader treatment and prevention plan because they are potentially caused by a wider range of things.

Here are just a few ways to help you with those painful leg cramps:
* Reduce you alcohol intake - before and after exercise. Alcohol can make you more dehydrated and acts to make those leg cramps more likely to occur.
* Nutrient deficiency can lead to abnormal muscle contraction and function and cause leg cramps, calf cramps and foot cramps.
* Tobacco can restrict the supply of blood through the large and small vessels and can cause a deficit of nutrients to the muscles.
* New and poor-fitting shoes can also restrict blood flow and lead to foot cramps.
* A good stretching and self-massage routine can work wonders.

If you do suffer from painful leg cramps, calf cramps, foot cramps and running calf cramps, try these suggestions and for more detail and much more help, try the Ultimate Cramp Busting Guide.


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